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Lonestar partners with Ultrascale Digital Infrastructure

November 13, 2023

Lonestar Lunar

Ultrascale Digital Infrastructure (UDI), a company that is reinventing next-generation data center cooling technologies, is honored to announce a strategic partnership with Lonestar Data Holdings, an innovator at the intersection of cloud and space technologies building the first Lunar Data Centers. This groundbreaking partnership will bring together two leading-edge organizations, accelerating the development of ultra-high density cooling for terrestrial, orbital and lunar applications, moving the industry toward new levels of sustainability and security.

Leaders of both companies are optimistic about the partnership.

“We are super conscious of our power and cooling needs in relation to carbon cost and we want the technology we work with on the ground to be as cutting edge as the technology we are using in space. Working with Ultrascale will help us position our technologies for superior performance, resilience, and value, not just for today, but for years to come.” Chris Stott, CEO, Lonestar Data Holdings.

“We’re always inspired when we work with true technology visionaries. Lonestar is working on a distinctive approach to data infrastructure that will deliver disruptive value. We’re proud to be working alongside them in our efforts to transform data center design, performance, resilience, environmental impact, and value. Arnold Magcale, Founder and CEO of Ultrascale Digital Infrastructure

The partnership will commence immediately, collaborating, co-developing and co-patenting technologies and products. More details will be shared in the coming months.

For media inquiries or more information about this partnership, please contact:

Armold Magcale
Founder & CEO
Ultrascale Digital Infrastructure

About Lonestar - Saving Earth’s Data One Byte at a Time

Lonestar Data Holdings Inc. (Lonestar®), headquartered in St Petersburg’s Maritime and Defense Technology Hub in Florida, has been founded by a proven team of experts from the Cloud and Space verticals to pioneer a future for data at the edge for all of us as.

About Ultrascale Digital Infrastructure

Ultrascale Digital Infrastructure (UDI) transforms data center technology with cooling solutions that support more than 150+ kW per rack, achieve a 1.03 PUE, regardless of climate, and cut water, refrigerant, and chemical consumption to zero. Combining proven cooling technologies from Legrand™ and our own patented innovations, we are catalyzing industry-wide change with AI-enabled data centers that operate intelligently, efficiently, sustainably and harmoniously in any location and any climate.

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