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On February 27th 2024, at 16:05 GMT, Lonestar® became the first company in history to provide a commercial data service en route to the Moon in Cislunar space and from the surface of the Moon itself. We took science fiction and made it science fact. This was only our first small step. Join us for our next giant leaps. There is so much more yet to come…

When we say our goal is for global backup, global refresh, and global restore we mean it. Every day the human race creates over 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data more than yesterday, and this rate of creation is doubling every two years.  The more valuable our data becomes, the more at risk it is from loss, theft, and disaster. Create the data down here and store it up there.  Simple.  We see this as logical and it's our mission to turn the largest satellite in our skies into our ultimate backup.

We achieve this by applying abundance thinking and exponential technologies building on over sixty years of space and information technology to enable the endless possibilities of safe data storage for us all.  
Lonestar is enabling a whole new global option for the safe, secure, accessible, and sovereign storage of premium mission critical data.


Our mission is to save all of our data. Why? Data defines our modern world enabling our technological civilization.  Data is now simply too valuable to the day to day operations of our society to risk catastrophic data loss.

Humanity suffered a data loss so bad we're still talking about it 2,000 years later, the burning of the Library of Alexandria by Julius Caesar's troops in the Roman Civil War.

It is a data loss that literally haunts the dreams of our founder. 


Lonestar®'s vision is fueled by remarkable investors led by Scout Ventures, 2 Future Holdings, Seldor Capital, the Veteran Fund. Irongate Global Capital, Atypical Ventures, Kittyhawk Ventures, and Backswing Ventures.


In February 2024, Lonestar® successfully tested its first data center from the Moon and in Cislunar space. In December 2021 and April 2022 we also successfully designed, tested, an flew the first software defined data center from the International Space Station demonstrating data storage, data recovery, the use of distributed ledgers for all data, and the first A.I. from space.


Lonestar® is committed to a carbon negative future.


Executive Team

Lonestar® has been founded by an experienced team drawn from the very best of both data and space industries. 

Lonestar has been founded by a proven team of experts from the Cloud and Space verticals to pioneer a future for data at the edge for all of us.

Executive Team

Non-Executive Board Members

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