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Join Our Team

Do you have world-class skills and are looking to join a proven team of focused professionals? Join us in breaking new regolith fusing the Cloud and Space verticals. We offer competitive packages, including health care and other benefits. We are an equal opportunity employer with a firm belief in IDIC and a passion for GYSHIDO.

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Lonestar is sending a series of ever more capable data centers to the Moon to provide premium data storage and edge processing services to our customers from the world's ultimate offsite backup location.



2/19/2024  •  2/27/2024

Independence was our first test flight for our data center concept to the Moon. A virtual software defined data center, Independence successfully tested data storage, data refresh and dats restore from Cislunar space en route to the Moon February 19th 2024, and again from the surface of the Moon on the 27th February 2024, making Lonestsr the first company in history to provide a commercial service from the Moon.



12/2021  •  4/2022

Lonestar successfully tested the world’s first software defined data center on the International Space Station (ISS) in December 2021 and again in April 2022. Working with its contractor, Redwire, and patterns at Canonical (creators of Ubuntu) Lonestar repurposed an existing computer on the ISS to successfully deliver the first use of a Distributed Ledger (block chain), machine learning (an adversarial art network and cryptocurrency) and data storage.

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