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Lonestar Lands on The Moon

February 27, 2024

Lonestar Lunar

Lonestar Data Holdings Independence Payload Makes History with Successful Test Of Data Storage Concept From The Surface Of The Moon.

IM-1 Mission Fully Demonstrates Commercial Success For Lunar Data Center Startup

Lonestar Data Holdings, the world’s leading lunar data storage and edge processing company, has achieved a historic milestone by successfully conducting a full data storage test from the Moon's surface. This measurable and historic milestone was achieved for Lonestar’s customer, the State of Florida led by Space Florida, together with the world’s leading lunar access company, Intuitive Machines, marking a truly giant leap for global disaster recovery services and establishing the new commercial lunar economy. This pioneering initiative firmly clears a path for Lonestar’s second commercial mission with Intuitive Machines, contracted for later this year on IM-2, further expanding their commercial offerings.

Lonestar's groundbreaking Independence payload was delivered as part of the successful Intuitive Machine’s IM-1 Odysseus Nova-C lander mission that historically touched down on the south pole of the Moon on February 22, 2024.

From the surface of the Moon, working with their lunar access provider Intuitive Machines, Lonestar successfully completed the first ever data center test in their proof-of-concept demonstration. This included the transmission of the Declaration of Independence from Earth to the Moon and the receipt back from the Moon of a copy of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, all while ensuring data storage on the Moon for the State of Florida.

This commercial success and historic achievement showcases American entrepreneurism at its best by paying homage to the spirit of American innovation. Lonestar has worked closely with Intuitive Machines to create this opportunity, and with the State of Florida led by Space Florida as their primary customer. A shining example of a unified effort that highlights the power of partnership and the advancement of lunar commercial activities and the space economy.

The successful accomplishment of all of Lonestar’s commercial mission objectives underscores the resilience and dedication of all parties involved. Looking ahead, Lonestar is eagerly anticipating its next mission, the IM-2 mission, with Intuitive Machines.

Lonestar’s CEO, Chris Stott commented: “For us this has been an incredible unparalleled commercial success. Teamwork is everything. Intuitive Machine’s successful landing has now helped us to establish a whole new sector in the global disaster recovery market while enabling true new commerce from the Moon. We are grateful to the Intuitive Machines team who showed ingenuity and grit in seeing the mission through and making it a tremendous success. They really came through for us.”

“Today, we commend our partners at Lonestar Data Holdings for their successful data storage test from the surface of the Moon, a testament to the reality of an integrated space-earth economy,” said Rob Long, president and CEO of Space Florida. "Space Florida is proud to support missions that elevate our state as the premier global hub for aerospace commerce. Florida is undoubtedly leading the charge into a new era where space has evolved from merely a destination into a hub for groundbreaking industries and economic opportunity.”

As Lonestar Data Holdings continues to pioneer the development of lunar data services, this mission stands as a testament to the potential of commercial space ventures to meet existing demands in the global economy while simultaneously expanding the frontiers of space exploration and digital infrastructure utilization. The successful operation paves the way for Lonestar to fulfill its ambition of becoming the world's leading provider of secure, off-planet data storage solutions, promising a new chapter in the safeguarding and accessibility of critical data in Space. The team is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting endeavor and working with partners to ensure its goal of providing the world’s premier secure data storage services.

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