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US Declaration of Independence

October 19, 2023

Lonestar Lunar

Lonestar to Make History by Transmitting US Declaration to the Moon for Pioneering Disaster Recovery Test

Groundbreaking start-up working to create a new data center service from the Moon, Lonestar takes the next small step as it prepares to transmit the US Declaration of Independence to be the first document to be digitally stored on the Moon. This is a key test of Lonestar’s lunar data centers concept for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

St. Petersburg, FL – October 10th, 2023 - Lonestar Data Holdings Inc. (Lonestar), a trailblazer in data storage and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), is set to embark on an unprecedented journey to the Moon with Intuitive Machines, marking an historic milestone in data preservation. As a commercial customer of Intuitive Machines and their NOVA C lunar lander, Lonestar will transmit the US Declaration of Independence to the lunar surface as the first document in history to be digitally stored there.

The groundbreaking test, a testament to Lonestar's innovative approach to data management, aims to showcase the capabilities of its Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and data centers on the Moon. The company has commercially contracted with Intuitive Machines, leveraging their NOVA C lander, as part of the ongoing efforts to bring America back to the Moon.

The test will involve transmitting the US Declaration of Independence during the transit to the Moon, in orbit around the Moon, and to the lunar surface. In return, Lonestar will receive a copy of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights back from the Moon. This bold experiment will demonstrate the efficiency of Lonestar's data refresh and restore capabilities, showcasing the robustness of the technology in extreme environments. The Magna Carta is also already stored on board.

Lonestar's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation is evident in this ambitious project. "We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this historic moment in data storage and recovery. Transmitting the US Declaration of Independence to the Moon is a testament to the reliability and resilience of our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions," said Chris Stott, Founder and CEO of Lonestar Data Holdings Inc.

Lonestar is also storing digital data on board with Intuitive Machines for its customer, the State of Florida.

Intuitive Machines’ Nova-C lunar lander is prepared for shipping to Cape Canaveral, Florida for launch.

If successful, these tests will lay the foundation for the ultimate in refresh and restore on a planetary scale and open up an entire new industry in space by combining the best of Silicon Valley and the Space Program. This unprecedented experiment reinforces Lonestar's commitment to advancing data management technologies for the benefit of humanity.

“Intuitive Machines have been a superb partner in our test program as we seek to build peaceful civil and commercial digital infrastructure on and around the Moon. We could not do this without them.” said Mark Matossian, COO of Lonestar.

"We believe that expanding the world’s economy to encompass the Moon, Earth's largest satellite, is the next whitespace in the New Space Economy", says Scout Ventures' Founder and Managing Partner, Brad Harrison. "Data security and storage will be a necessary part of leading the new generation of lunar exploration."

The VC funded startup is working to revolutionize data services and communications from the Moon. Lonestar is funded by Scout Ventures, Seldor Capital, 2 Future Holdings, IronGate Capital, The Veteran Fund, Atypical Ventures, Kittyhawk Ventures, and Backswing Ventures.

Lonestar Data Holdings Inc. invites the public and media to join them on this remarkable journey as they transmit the US Declaration of Independence to the Moon, marking a historic milestone in the realm of data storage and disaster recovery.

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