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Saving Earth's Data
One Byte at a Time 

We Offer Premium Disaster Recovery as a Service secured from the world's ultimate backup location, Earth's largest satellite, the Moon.

Let us serve your needs.


Our goal is Global Backup, Global Refresh, Global Restore. 

Data defines our modern world enabling our technological civilization. Every day the human race creates over 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data more than yesterday, and this rate of creation is doubling every two years.  The more valuable our data becomes, the more at risk it is from loss, theft, and disaster. Lonestar is enabling a whole new global option for the safe, secure, accessible, and sovereign storage of premium mission critical data.

Video Courtesy of Nasa


The Freedom Payload


Following the success of Lonestar's Independence payload, our next mission is our Freedom payload, contracted to fly with our lunar access provider, Intuitive Machines, on their second scheduled mission to the Moon later this year.  Freedom represents so much: the first purpose built data center ever to leave the Earth; the next step for Lonestar in our mission for Global Backup, Global Refresh, and Global Restore; and is purposefully symbolic of humanity's next steps to to protect its civilization by creating digital infrastructure to take us to the Moon and beyond. Designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). For more information click here.

Designed by BIG

Image Courtesy of  Jason Riley, Artificial Lense


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