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Will Hawkins Joins Lonestar As Chief Data Officer

Noted Disaster Recovery industry veteran joins Lonestar as Chief Data Officer to bring key data storage and edge processing infrastructure to the Moon.

St. Petersburg, FL – 1st August, 2022 - U.S.-based Lonestar Data Holdings, Inc. today announced it is scaling its enterprise DRaaS and BaaS division by naming industry IT veteran Will Hawkins as its Chief Data Officer. Hawkins, who founded data protection-focused firm Enterprise Data Solutions, Inc. in 2011, has earned accolades across multiple industries for helping architect and implement customized client-focused data management & disaster recovery solutions. At Lonestar, Hawkins will be rounding out a team of industry leaders from Cloud and Space verticals who are leveraging the unique attributes of the Moon to offer unprecedented immutable data backup and edge services.

As a data protection professional focused on leading data protection, disaster recovery, data management, and business continuity solutions for the industry, Hawkins brings over twenty years’ experience to Lonestar.

I am honored to be a part of the Lonestar team as we develop a blueprint for providing clients with a secure, immutable data storage solution,” Hawkins said. “Utilizing our presence on the lunar surface to preserve a digital backup of humanity is an exciting path forward into a developing market, and I am excited to bring the skills I’ve cultivated throughout my career to help advance the Lonestar mission.”

Chris Stott, CEO, said, “Will is a superb addition to our founding team. His experience is beyond compare and he is a great addition to our team as we work to bring a new epoch to premium global data storage.”

Will Hawkins Joins Lonestar As Chief Data Officer 


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